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Weathering Stock

Written by Andy Watkins, 2001-2015.

From: Andy Coward
Subject: Weathering

While working on some wagons it occured to me that no doubt other listees will have their own ideas as to how to detail and weather their stock.

I have used newspaper to simulate roofing felt which when painted seems to give a reasonable finish. Are there other other methods that do better?

Weathering seems to me to be a real art. However stock seems so much more "solid" and realistic if some weathering is attempted but this needs to be restrained and not overdone and heavy. I tend to use a thin wash of paint of a darker grey shade on light colours and a lighter grey shade on darker colours. At all costs I avoid painting anything black. I have come across "weathering powders".........has anyone tried with these?

Hoping to learn of some new methods,


From: John Rogers
Subject: Re: Weathering


Try derailing your stock into the pond now and again, and for that special "distressed" look, try boiling your loco dry. (See Rob G for details) [ ref to earlier conversation about boiling your locos dry ]

John Rogers, Chairman & CME, Pigsty Hill Light Railway, Bristol, England