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Other Garden Railway Scales

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Big Scale, Small Space?

I recently came across a modelling scale called "Gn15", which aims to represent 15-inch gauge railways in "G" scales (approx 1:20th on standard OO gauge track). The idea is that it allows the modeller to create extremely detailed models because of the large scale, yet in a small space, typical of very narrow gauge railway.

There's a lot more information on this Gn15 website.

For those interested in constructing "Micro Layouts", there are examples and plans available from Carendt.com

Scale: ~1:20th
Gauge: 18mm (representing 15")

Even narrower gauge track

And as if Gn15 isn't crazy enough, there's another bunch of people modelling in the same scale, but on even narrower track. They're using N gauge track, which would typically represent about 7 inches between the rails in G scale. They've called this Gnine (pronounced like gnome with a silent G!)
Scale: ~1:20th
Gauge: 9mm (representing 7")

Gauge 1 in the garden. Large scale, large space

There's a very comprehensive website about building a Gauge 1 garden layout, at www.gaugeonelayout.com/Denbury.

See in particular the article on baseboard construction and the gallery for the photos.

There's a subtle difference between British "Gauge 1", which is a scale of 10mm to the foot (1:30.5 scale), and International "Gauge 1" which is a scale of 1:32. There's a detailed explanation here.

(N.B. some links don't work in Firefox because of the use of '\' instead of '/' in the addresses. If this causes you problems, try here for the baseboard pictures if you're having trouble)

Scale: ~1:30.5
Gauge: 1¾inch, 44.45mm (representing 4'8¼")
Common name: Gauge 1